PDF Stationery for your office

PDF as a background for documents
PDF tool to overlay with stationery
Word document to PDF with Stationery
Company letterhead in PDF for Office files
Digital Stationery

PDF Stationery

Dynamic integration of pre-defined backgrounds regardless of function and ability of the application


Drag and drop of PDF documents in the drop zone allows a direct and efficient work on your stationery.

Actions / PlugIns

Multiple processing after the PDF creation - Actions: E-mail, auto print, protection, Metadata, Run, ...

iPaper queue

The created PDFs are collected in a queue and can be output as one document.

XML Commands

The settings of the software and all functions can be controlled and influenced by XML commands

PreView function

View (Thumb and full screen) before completion and check whether corrections still need to be made.

PDF Printer / Digital Stationery

iPaper allows to generate PDF documents by printing from any application, underlay a selected stationery or template and e.g. directly insert message into an e-mail.

Folder Monitoring and Windows Service

All functions can be used through the iPaper server as a Windows service. The processing is done by folder monitoring. Different actions and parameters can be set for each folder.

iPaper Actions

Actions / Plug-ins offer multiple processing options also after PDF generation. The actions are executed in the order defined by you. Actions can be used several times. Set configurations can be exported and imported.

Enterprise-wide use of company letterhead

Design of manuals, brochures, product sheets with a unique CI and multiple template use for multi-page documents and selectable stationery configurations possible

Recognize new page in multipage documents

There is a function to automatically detect the beginning of a new document. With a search string defined and when it is found the page will automatically be treated as the beginning of a new document.

Templates with alternative alignment

There will always be applications where both portrait and landscape formats exist. You can specify a PDF layout for the alternative alignment. iPaper then recognizes which one fits and uses that template for the Over / Underlay.

iPaper Actions


Quick Print / print server action for quick prints on physical printer.


The document metadata is added by variables or manual (PDF Info Fields).


The document can be sent after completion as an attachment via email.


Protection - Applying PDF security features, password, permissions, ...


Let you insert or attach a PDF file at the beginning or end of the result file.


Document can be created as a PDF, and printed out on a printer (also fax printer).

iPaper PDF Stationery

Electronic documents establish order, save time, reduce your costs and protect the environment sustainably.

Design your stationery totally free on your CI with your logo, colors, gradients, fonts and create it into a PDF. You create the content of your document, for example, an offer in MS Word and create a complete document, together with the stationery.

Save time and money!

iPaper has great features and helps to simplify your office work.



V 2.99.1

Windows 32/64bit Workstation and TerminalServer

iPaper FM

V 3.0.18

Windows 32/64bit FolderMonitoring(also as Windows Service)


V 9.18.1

Windows 32bit - Current Ghostscript version is a requirement!


V 9.18.1

Windows 64bit - Current Ghostscript version is a requirement!

Workstation or terminal server is defined via the license!
Will be installed as a workstation DEMO and can be tested for 30 days.
Requires Administratorrights for installation and .NET Runtime Version 3.5.x ( also see PDFBlog)
iPaper is conceived as local-to-install drivers for all Windows operating systems (32/64Bit: Windows 7/8/10, 2008/2012 Server, Terminalserver, Citrix). Not for use as a print server, enabling the installed printer driver on the server and share it.


  • Enterprise-wide use of current company letterhead for different parts of the company and a variety of form templates. Group-wide use of iPaper as a client, Terminal Server and the Folder Monitoring solution. Thus, a significant simplification and time savings was achieved in the end.

    STRABAG building contractors
  • iPaper is used in applications where the daily office workflow and the creation of documents of various types, eg Invoices, quotations, confirmations, prospectuses, brochures, invitations, newsletters, should be made much more simple and clear.

    Lawyers and tax consultants
  • iPaper on all workstations. Electronic documents establish order, save time, reduce your costs and protect the environment sustainably. iPaper creates PDF documents per virtual printing from any application, underlays a selected stationery or form.

    European Forum Alpbach

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